Design-Build Delivery Method

We think about how the parts fit together. This systems-thinking is how green homes achieve high performance and comfort. When the parts fit together, the house is better. The regular way to build is a linear approach that moves neatly from one step to the next. The only problem is that it’s not guaranteed to produce the best result.

Successful design-build projects offer an owner many benefits that add value to a project. Using the design-build delivery, the architect and contractor coordinate as a team, leaving an owner free to focus on the project’s scope and general decision making. This leads to a higher quality project that better suits the owner’s needs in the following ways: The design-build team works together to produce a complete set of construction documents. By contrast, with a design-bid-build delivery, the owner is responsible for providing complete documents to the contractor. Constructibility can be reviewed throughout the design process by all members of the design-build team. This leads to effective value engineering ideas created by the architect, contractor and engineer working together to maximize design and functionality while maintaining budgetary and schedule concerns.

Design-Build Advantages

  • Master contract is between the owner and contractor
  • Owner has a single point of contact for both design and construction
  • Design-Build has been proven to be much quicker than Design-Bid-Build
  • Long lead items can be identified and ordered prior to the start of construction
  • Value engineering and constructability
  • Reviews are enhanced due to the integration of the design and construction process
  • Changes, disputes, claims and other delays occur less frequently
  • The contractor is responsible for the completion of construction documents
  • Inconsistencies or scope gaps are the responsibility of the contractor

Design-Build Team Selection

Selecting the design-build team should occur earlier in the construction process, offering the greatest potential to save both time and resources. However, the exact timing depends on the project complexity and the owner’s capabilities