Asheville Green Building Homes

Green building is alternately described as “sustainable” building, and ultimately this may be a more accurate way of looking at it. Green building is about process first, products second.

We incorporate Integrated Design into our homes were we involve all the stakeholders from planning to moving in. A house is a complex system of different components assembled together. Correctly integrating these systems in a cost effective way is key when developing a high performance home.

We know more about how homes perform through Building Science. Therefore, there has to be a systems thinking when putting together a high performance building. All our clients are different, so each house has a different priority. For people with asthma or chemical sensitivity, high indoor air quality may be most important. For those on a fixed budget, affordability and energy efficiency may top the list. Still others may make choices based on the ability to grow old in the same house.

4 Aspects of Green Building

  • Energy Efficient

  • Healthy Indoor Air

  • Longevity

  • Design