The Ideal Client

The Perfect Red Tree Client

We want to provide each client with the absolute highest level of service and craftsmanship. This is why we are selective and build a limited number of homes each year for a limited number of clients.

Our Ideal Client...

  • Is looking for a remarkable, enduring and comfortable home
  • Desires concierge level service
  • Wants to consciously utilize resources to create a home that is harmonious with nature
  • Aspires for a seamless building process without the complexity
  • Seeks a mindful and thoughtful partner who is equally as passionate about their home
  • Has a teamwork mentality and trusts our process
  • Is realistic, yet creative and innovative
  • Can afford $1.2 M - $2.8 M. This investment level allows us to use all necessary resources, express our full capacity and creativity, ensure that the home utilizes the highest quality materials, and avoids cutting any corners
  • Is in transition, whether it’s because they’re moving to Asheville, upgrading from an existing dwelling, or selling their previous home

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