The Process

"We offer each client an exceptional level of personal service and support in an effort to make the building process straightforward, manageable, and fun. Our fundamental goal is to exceed each and every client’s expectations while remaining within the predetermined budget".  -Brandon Bryant, President


The Path to Your Beautiful Custom Home

The Red Tree process ensures that all aspects of your beautiful eco-luxury home work together in synergy to foster a comfortable, more efficient, and healthy dwelling.

We take every aspect into consideration of what it means to be green when building our homes. Our homes are better to live in, perform better, and last longer. Our easy-to-understand and unprecedented competitive advantages, along with a wide variety of plans and elevations, make the benefits of our Design-Build method extremely appealing to home-buyers. We believe that an investment as significant as a new home should be built to a high level of quality – in the design, detailing, materials and workmanship.

Are you the perfect Red Tree Client?

1. The Initial Meeting

This meeting is about identifying your vision and needs for your new home.

2. Visit Your Homesite

If you have not chosen a homesite, we will be happy to assist or share opinions and ideas.

3. The Launch

You will sign the Processional Service Agreement to secure Red Tree Builders as your design contractor.

4. Your Architect

We work hand in hand with the architect and other design professionals to help turn your vision into a reality.

5. The Design Process

View design timeline here.

6. The Bonsai Meeting

We will mindfully review the entire contract to ensure we are all in alignment and before moving into the construction phase.

7. The Construction Phase

Home construction occurs for 10 to 12 months with weekly updates.

8. The Big Day

Your dreams have been finally been built into reality! This is an exciting time for both parties.

9. The Warranty

From day one through 3,650 days you are covered.

Let’s be Social

  • The rear view of the Katie’s Ridge Home. This was the first home using the @trexcompany under deck gutters so that we could add ceiling and outdoor living under the deck.  Basement walls are @superiorwalls the siding is @lpbuildingsolutions smart siding and of course the windows @kolbewindows #ashevillegreenbuilder #buildersofig #asheville #builder #customhome #newconstruction #ashevillerealestate #artfullycrafted #mindfullybuilt #ashevillehomebuilder #ecoluxury #828isgreat #ashevillebuilder #redtreebuilders #buildersofasheville #greenbuilt #mountainmodern
  • This Friday lunch and learn with @mitsubishihvac. Come learn why we decided to use their duct less system to provide zoned comfort and super energy efficiency. Also this house will hitting the market next week. Consider this an early preview for all my broker friends out there. Food provided by @wellbred_bakery  Smiles provided by @ashleykepley21  See you this Friday. #ashevillegreenbuilder #buildersofig #asheville #builder #customhome #newconstruction #ashevillerealestate #artfullycrafted #mindfullybuilt #ashevillehomebuilder #ecoluxury #828isgreat #ashevillebuilder #redtreebuilders #buildersofasheville #greenbuilt #ductless #highperformancehomes
  • Front angle. This was our first mountain modern style home  I believe that wasn’t even a term when we built this. 
Loved how @retro_fit_design made this work. Our wish was put a modern house and a craftsman in a blender and let’s we what we get. Here it is.  #ashevillegreenbuilder #buildersofig #asheville #builder #customhome #newconstruction #ashevillerealestate #artfullycrafted #mindfullybuilt #ashevillehomebuilder #ecoluxury #828isgreat #ashevillebuilder #redtreebuilders #buildersofasheville #greenbuilt #builtgreen #customhomebuilder #mountainmodern
  • Upcoming lunch and learn September 6th at this house at 17 Coleman street weaverville. Come have some free food on us and learn something at the same time. We will be with @mitsubishihvac sharing how comfortable and efficient this home is using their duct less systems. Also I think it’s a cool house and also could be yours because it’s for sale. The first Red Tree Builders spec house to hit the market in years. My wife bought the last one. Come Sept 6th and I’ll tell you that story.



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