Dimplex Electric Fireplace Review

Red Tree Builders Review: Enhance Your Home with the Dimplex Electric Fireplace

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Red Tree Builders Review: Enhance Your Home with the Dimplex Electric Fireplace

March 8, 2024
Dimplex Electric Fireplace Review

In the realm of home design and ambiance, few things rival the cozy warmth and inviting glow of a fireplace. One of the things that’s been a challenge in the past few years is just where do you put a fireplace inside an open concept home. Enter the Dimplex Electric Fireplace!  It’s a modern solution that combines elegance, convenience and efficiency…plus, it’s pretty dang cool.

At the heart of the Dimplex electric fireplace is a sophisticated design that mimics the charm and allure of a traditional hearth without the hassle of wood or gas. Instead, this innovative appliance uses the power of electricity and water to deliver a mesmerizing flame effect and optional heating capabilities. 

One of the key considerations when installing a Dimplex electric fireplace is the coordination required between various trades, including framing, plumbing, electrical, and in our case plaster companies. Unlike conventional fireplaces, which rely on gas or wood, the Dimplex model utilizes a water-based system to generate its lifelike flames. 

For this home, project manager Ryan emphasizes the importance of testing of the plumbing before enclosing the unit with drywall, as accessing it later can be costly and cumbersome, especially if using the expensive plaster finishes like we had on this home. 

In addition to plumbing considerations, proper electrical wiring is essential for the functionality of the fireplace unit and optional heater. While the fireplace itself does not emit heat, our homeowners elected to install an integrated heater that provides warmth, making it perfect for chilly evenings or adding a cozy ambiance to any space. 

When planning for the wiring for the fireplace inserts, Ryan also included wiring for the heater, which sits above the “fire” and creates heat.  The homeowners can adjust flame heights to suit their preferences and even activate a crackling sound effect for an authentic fireside experience.

When installing this fireplace, Ryan went above and beyond to ensure a more effortless maintenance for the homeowners by connecting the system to the main water of the home, eliminating the need for manual refills. Moreover, with no ash or soot to contend with, homeowners can enjoy the beauty of a flickering fire without the associated mess or hassle.

Proper ventilation is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and safety of the Dimplex electric fireplace. Adequate airflow allows for the creation of realistic flame heights while preventing overheating and maintaining air quality within the home. By ensuring proper ventilation, homeowners can fully appreciate the beauty and functionality of their fireplace while minimizing potential hazards.

Red Tree Builders is thrilled to offer the Dimplex electric fireplace as a choice for our homeowners.

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