Brandon Bryant featured in first NAHB’s Green Intersects eNews

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Brandon Bryant featured in first NAHB’s Green Intersects eNews
December 29, 2019

Green Builder Banter
brandon-bryant-headshotThis inaugural issue features a q-and-a session with Brandon Bryant, founder and owner of Red Tree Builders, Inc. in Asheville, N.C. 
For builders considering green, what is the most important tip you can share with them?
Go for it. We are in a beginning stages of a housing innovation revolution, and learning to build to a higher standard will make you stand out in this market as you get ahead of the industry in the coming years.
Why do you certify your homes?
For the peace of mind of our clients. This verifies everything that we promised to do as builders actually got done. Certifications can result in incentives from the utility companies and local municipalities, as well as provide the owner a better resale value. Personally, if it's not certified, it's not a green-built house in my book.
How do you get your subcontractors on board with green building techniques?
The two best things that have worked for me is to explain why we are doing this and why I might want it done a different way than in the past. Change can be tough in this industry. The second thing is training. As a green builder, it's my job to train, then verify. We are fortunate to have some of the best trade partners in our area. I found that our trades want to do the best job they can, and are just as into learning and adding value to their company as we are.

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