Craftsman Plans

Through collaboration with area architects, we are pleased to offer the Craftsman Collection for any clients as a starting point of a custom design. This collection of Arts and Crafts style homes embodies the true essence of owning a mountain home. The blend of a “mountain look” and an efficient modern design epitomizes what Red Tree Builders is known for in Western North Carolina home design. With open floor plans, master bedroom on the first floor along with abundant outdoor living spaces, these homes will exceed your expectations of living in Asheville NC.

Terrapin Retreat

2,070 sq ft

3 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | 2-car Garage | 2 Floors

Timber Ridge

2,538 sq ft

3 Bedrooms | 2.5 Bathrooms | 2-car Garage | 2 Floors

Cliff Haven

2,407 sq ft

3 Bedrooms | 3.5 Bathrooms | 2-car Garage | 2 Floors


Total Square Footage – 2340 s.f.
Number of Bedrooms – 3
Number of Bathrooms – 3.5
Basement – Optional
Garage – Available

The interior is entered via an open glass gallery that looks out over the outdoor living and view beyond. One right turn and you enter into a spacious great room/ kitchen/ dining area. The main level also features an expansive outdoor living and master suite. The upper level is configured with two bedrooms and baths, and a dramatic balcony that overlooks into the great room below.


Total Square Footage – 2379 s.f.
Number of Bedrooms – 3
Number of Bathrooms – 2.5
Basement – Optional
Garage – Detached or Attached

The interior features a main level with spacious open living, master suite, and laundry/mud room area. A gracious screened porch creates outdoor opportunities free from insects. On the upper level the Teal provides two nice guest bedrooms and a loft that looks down to the great room below. With nautical elements on the exterior (including a boat paddle!) the Teal is a great home for the weekend or full time living anywhere you find water around Asheville.

Black Bear Hideaway

1,800 sq ft

3 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | 2-car Garage | 2 Floors

Meet Me on the Mountain

Total Square Footage – 2652 s.f.
Number of Bedrooms – 3
Number of Bathrooms – 2.5
Basement – optional
Garage –  Available

Gatherings with family and friends provide cherished moments that last a lifetime. Meet Me on the Mountain by MossCreek is the perfect home for building those memories. The design features 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths, with a Master Bedroom on the main level. A large story and a half vaulted Great Room with exposed timber trusses and an open Kitchen / Dining Room complete a dramatic interior.

Moose Lodge

2,407 sq ft

3 Bedrooms | 2.5 Bathrooms | 2-car Garage | 2 Floors


1,649 sq ft

3 Bedrooms | 2.5 Bathrooms | 2-car Garage | 2 Floors

Crows Nest

Total Square Footage – 2650 s.f.
Number of Bedrooms – 5
Number of Bathrooms – 3.5
Garage – Detached or Attached

A two story Great Room utilizes bountiful glass and an angled indoor/outdoor fireplace to frame the natural beauty of the outdoors. The floor plan also features three bedrooms with a master on the main, open Kitchen/Dining/Great Room and outdoor living on a rear porch.


Total Square Footage – 2681 s.f.
Number of Bedrooms – 3
Number of Bathrooms – 2.5
Basement – Optional
Garage – Detached or Attached

The Canvasback by Mosscreek is also distinguished by a distinct sloping roof profile. The interior features open living areas and master suite with beamed ceilings. The vaulted ceiling of the great room lets dramatic light fill the home. At home in the Mountains or nestled into urban setting the Canvasback is an ideal home enjoying Americas outdoors.

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